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Chrysalis School Montana


I am 18 years old girl student of the Chrysalis School Montana  . We have facilitated classroom and the friends are awesome. The school is based in the individual education program which assists all the girls either disrupted from society, family, dependency or anything else. I think that the school is going to be the best platform to build up your personality enhancing the self-esteem. So, is there any one really searching the venue like this?

Hi Robinhood

Welcome to UCC Forums--wondering how you found us.

I am not sure exactly what your question is.  Do you mean is anyone looking for a place like Chrysalis?

I am now retired for ten or so years but  for several years I worked in residental therapeutic centers with children and youth in Colorado at what was then Fort Logan Mental Health Center and In New York State.

There is demand for such facilities but they are fewer and fewer because of the high costs.  My own assessment is that that is a poor choice as I think when done well it saves money in the long run.  I was curious how Chrysalis is funded?


We have a number of similar ministries ing the UCC.  You rost reminded me of Crossroad which was founded in 1883 as the Reformed Orphans’ Home of Fort Wayne, IN.  Over many decades, 100s of orphans and other children in need of a home went there to live.  Read more about their current mission here:


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